Smörjmedel som förhindrar missljud och som ger knappar och handreglage en kvalitetskänsla samtidigt som kompatibiliteten mellan olika material säkerställs.

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Dashboard Needle Gauges
When it comes to fuel, speedometer, odometer, and other gauges, relatively inexpensive magnetic systems are being replaced by electromechanical systems, powered by small stepper motors that more accurately changes needle positioning. A very soft, silicone grease has shown promise in maintaining the life and accuracy of these precision instruments.
Motor gear – Fluorocarbon Gel 822S-1


In most instances, the sliding surfaces of these interior components are exposed when pulled into their open positions. A lubricant that stays in place and gives plastic a quality sound and feel is recommended.
Doors – Fluorocarbon Gel 880
Glove box – Rheolube® 363F
Pull-out bins – UniFlor™ 8512
Cupholders – UniFlor™ 8512


Sun Visor
The visor’s two rotating parts stay at rest for long periods – a difficult duty for grease, which tends to get squeezed out of the surfaces that are in contact. Additionally, due to the visor’s location, lubricants cannot leak oil or emit odor. A heavy-viscosity synthetic hydrocarbon grease is recommended, enabling the visor to remain in place for extended periods, yet move smoothly when activated.
Hinges – Rheolube® 358PC
Electrical contact – Rheolube® 362


Buzz, Squeak, & Rattle
Minimizing buzz, squeak, and rattle (BSR) is a common challenge Automotive Engineers face during the application design process. A thin film of lubricant applied to interior trims, components, hinges, and slides will reduce the noise generated by vibration and friction. To ensure total compatibility with plastics, PFPE-based lubricants are often preferred.
Interior trims – Rheolube® 363F
Interior components – UniFlor™ 8172
Hinges & slides – UniFlor™ 8512


Volume controls, tone controls, and even the thumb wheel used to dim dashboard intensity benefit from damping greases. Damping lubricants will extend application life and convey a quality feel to hand-operated devices.
Radio knobs – NyoGel® 774F
Headlight switch – NyoGel® 774VH/774L
Audio switches – Rheolube® 362HT
Multifunction switches – Fluorocarbon Gel 868H
Terminals & connectors – NyoGel® 760G


Console-mounted PRNDL assemblies require lubrication mainly to dampen noise and create a perception of quality not often found in plastic parts. The synthetic lubricant should enable the mechanism to slide smoothly between notches, while imparting a quality feel to the thumb-activated release mechanism. It should withstand the cold and offer vibration and noise reduction.
Shifter mechanism – NyoGel® 774VLF
Plastic parts – Rheosil™ 500F


Lubricating seat tracks is an aesthetic and mechanical challenge. When seats are pushed completely forward or back, a portion of the tracks is exposed, so neutral colored greases are preferred. Because of the track’s proximity to seat fabric and carpeting, the grease cannot stain or leak oil. Finally, the seat track assembly has to allow for play without rattling or vibrating at high speeds.
Seat tracks – Rheotemp™ 662
Lumbar actuator – Rheolube® 361F
Motor gear – Rheolube® 368AX-1
Recliner mechanisms – UniFlor™ 8172
Headrest – UniFlor™ 8472
Seat belt retractor – Rheolube® 368F


Climate Control System
Contemporary climate control systems rely upon a series of motorized vents to re-route airflow for operator comfort. A synthetic lubricant for this application should be engineered specifically to work with plastic gears and be virtually odor free. It should also offer stability at low temperatures.
HVAC controls – NyoGel® 774HF
HVAC register vanes – Rheosil 500F-Black
Rotary temperature control – NyoGel® 779


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