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Smörjmedel framtagna för att skydda och öka livslängden på elektriska kontakter, givare och brytare.

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Contact lubricants are used to prevent wear, environmental corrosion, and fretting corrosion, micro-motion caused by vibration and thermal changes within the connector housing. By reducing the formation of metal oxide at the mated interface, synthetic lubricants extend contact life and keep resistance low.
Insertion force reduction has also become a major OEM challenge. Mating multi-pin connectors, sometimes in hard to reach locations, often requires significant force – creating the potential for incomplete mating, as well as repetitive-motion injuries for assembly workers. Synthetic based lubricants have been proven to reduce high insertion forces – without unacceptable increases in resistance.

Electrical connector – NyoGel® 760G
Fuel pump connector – Rheotemp™ 768G
High temperature electrical connector – UniFlor™ 8917

Connectors – NyoGel® 760G

Doors & Windows
Connectors – NyoGel® 760G

Tail light connector – NyoGel® 760G
Trailer tow connector – NyoGel® 760G

Dashboard Switches
Terminals & connectors – NyoGel® 760G


The accuracy and operating life of automotive sensors are directly related to the quality of the lubricant used on both sensitive electrical and mechanical components. To meet a broad range of design needs, Nye offers light, low-shear sensor greases for very low power applications; sensor lubricants with exceptional film strength to accommodate heat generated by resistance; thermally conductive lubricants that boost the accuracy of temperature sensors; and unique underhood sensor lubricants that withstand years of vibration, thermal cycling, temperature extremes, as well as salt spray, sand, road grit, and underhood fluids.
When electromechanical sensors or potentiometers break contact, signal is lost. To ensure continuous contact, choose a low-viscosity fluorinated lubricant. A more viscous lubricant may cause the contact to hydroplane, instead of remaining in contact with the resistor.

EGR temperature sensor – Rheotemp™ 768G

Air Management
Bearings in throttle position sensors – UniFlor™ 8981R
Throttle position sensor – UniFlor™ 8950 & UniFlor™ 8921SU

Gas Tank
Fuel level sensor – Methyl Silicone Oil

Steering Column
Steering angle position sensor – NyoGel® 741A-RED & Fluorocarbon Gel 885


Designed to meet the 3X life standard, Nye switch lubricants are available for tin, copper, brass, and noble metal contacts. Tailored to low, medium, or high current switches and formulated for light, medium or heavy loads, these lubricants guard against milivolt drop, open circuit resistance problems, and “-40°C contact bounce.” Underhood, they withstand thermal cycling and temperature extremes, from –90° to 250ºC. They also resist humidity, dust, water, salt water, fuel, and underhood fluids. For the mechanical parts of a switch, Nye’s family of “damping greases” provides an economical way to control the sound a switch.
Contemporary climate control systems rely upon a series of motorized vents to re-route airflow for operator comfort. A synthetic lubricant for this application should be engineered specifically to work with plastic gears. It should also offer stability at low temperatures. Volume controls, tone controls, and even the thumb wheel used to dim dashboard intensity benefit from damping greases. They extend life and convey a quality feel to hand operated devices.

Switches – Rheolube® 362F & UniFlor™ 8512

Doors & Windows
Switches – Instrument Grease 732C

Dashboard Switches
Radio knobs – NyoGel® 774F
Headlight switch – NyoGel® 774VH & NyoGel® 774L
HVAC controls – NyoGel® 774HF
Rotary temperature control – NyoGel® 774VL & 774VLF
Audio switches – Rheolube® 362HT
Multifunction switches – Fluorocarbon Gel 868H
Terminals & connectors – NyoGel® 760G

Steering Column
Ignition switch – Rheolube® 362

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